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          Large platform scissor alignment lift



          v 剪式隱藏超薄平板結構,同步性能優越。
          v 水平精確可調,安全滿足四輪定位要求。
          v 優質液壓、氣動及電氣元件,設備穩定可靠。
          v 前輪轉角盤位置可調,加長后輪滑板。
          v 氣動雙齒自鎖及防爆閥保險,下降自動開啟,確保安全。
          v 可選定位或平板型。
          v 采用24V電壓控制,操作更安全。
          v 配有二次小車導軌,可選配二次舉升小車。

          Main performance of products

          Ø Shear type hidden ultrathin flat plate structure, excellent synchronization performance.
          Ø The level of accurate and adjustable, safe to meet the requirements of the four round of positioning.
          Ø High quality hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, the equipment is stable and reliable.
          Ø The front wheel steering wheel can be adjusted, and the rear wheel can be extended.
          Ø Pneumatic double tooth locking and anti explosion valve, automatic opening, to ensure safety.
          Ø Optional location or flat type.
          Ø Using 24V voltage control, the operation is more safe.
          Ø Equipped with two times the trolley guide rail, can be equipped with two lifting trolley.

          型號 電源 氣源 功率 舉升重量 舉升高度 二次舉升重量 二次舉升高度
          Model Power supply Air supply Power Lifting Capacity Lifting Height Second Lifting Capacity  Second Lifting Height 
          SMD35M418 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH 6-8kg/cm² 2.2KW 3.5T 180-1860mm 2.0T 375mm
          SMD40M418 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH 6-8kg/cm² 2.2KW 4.0T 180-1860mm 2.0T 375mm
          SMD45M418 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH 6-8kg/cm² 2.2KW 4.5T 180-1860mm 3.0T 375mm