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          外型尺寸(mm) 內徑尺寸(mm) 大門尺寸(mm) 烤漆總功率(kw)
           7000×5300×3300  6900×3900×2800  3000(w)×2700(h) 10Kw
          房體結構 1、墻板:采用阻燃型聚苯乙烯保溫板,厚度為75mm,彩鋼板厚度0.426mm, 頂板采用優質鍍鋅鋼板折彎拼裝而成。
          送排風系統  二臺4kw雙進風離心式外轉子送風機:風量外轉子風機;風量:2000m3/h,風柜由噴涂型材、鍍鋅鋼板制成;側上進風,排風管由優質鍍鋅鋼板、專業設備制成的法蘭組成。有載風速:0.35 m/s ;換氣次數:280time/h
          凈化系統 頂部高效進口立體噴膠棉(VF-600)。  采用精粗兩道過濾層結構:粗效采用優質無紡棉,能有效捕捉大于15μm的塵粒,在發生柜進風口處,設置活動門便于更換;精密級過濾層采用意大利技術生產的高效過濾棉,該過濾棉具有多層結構,能有效捕捉大于5μm的塵粒。設置在靜壓室底部,用防腐方管承托,美觀、大方,容易更換。整個凈化系統容塵量大、風阻小、壽命長,過濾率達98%。地棉過濾為意大利技術生產的玻璃纖維棉 ;TSP值≤1.4mg/m³。
          加熱系統 1、采用利雅路G20型輕油燃燒器,每小時產生熱量為18萬大卡,每臺車耗油量為5~8公升/臺,升溫時間6~8分鐘(20-60℃)。
          照明系統 在房體的頂側部及兩側壁安裝照明燈組,頂側燈組呈45°角安裝,由24支36瓦菲利浦燈管組成,垂直安裝在墻板內,室內光照度達900Lux以上。
          電控系統 采用優質電子元件組裝,主回路設有多重保護。設有照明開關、溫度時間設置、常溫噴漆、恒溫噴漆、烤漆開關、緊急停止開關、累計時等 
          廢氣處理 直排:可選配環保柜
          ht:.5pt solid black; border-left:none;width:318pt'>Environmental protection device   
          Outer dimension:(mm) Inner dimension:(mm) Front door size Total power
          7000*5300*3300 6900*3900*2800 3000(w)*2700(h) 10kw
          Appearance color Red blue white orange
          Frame system Flame retardant polystyrene insulation board,50mm thickness,galvanized steel assembled roof. Aluminium alloy front door frame and galvanized steel fixed room frame.The floor is assembly formed by corrosion-resistant rectangular tube with 3 rows of grids and 2 rows of checkered plates.
          Air circulation system 2*4kw double channels centrifugal outer-rotor ventilating machines,air flow:24000m3/h, exhaust duct is formed from superior galvanized steel and flange;On load air speed:0.35m/s;Air exchange rate:280 times/h
          Filter system High-efficiency imported glue-spreading cotton(VF-600) ceiling filter.USES pure thick two filter layer structure: coarse efficiency high quality cotton, can effectively catch dust is greater than 15 microns, in the event of a tank into FengKouChu, sets the active door is convenient for replacement; Precision filter layer adopts Italian technology in the production of high efficiency filter cotton, the filter cotton has a multilayer structure, can effectively capture the dust particles is greater than 5 microns. Set in the static pressure at the bottom of the chamber, with anticorrosive pipe retainer, beautiful, generous, easy to replace. The large amount of dust cleaning system capacity, small wind resistance, long service life, the filtration rate was 98%. Cotton filter for Italy technology production of glass fiber cotton; The TSP values after 1.4 mg/m or less. 
          Heating system Type 1, using riello G20 light oil burner, heat of 180000 kcal per hour, each vehicle fuel consumption for 5 ~ 8 litres/units, heating up 6 ~ 8 minutes (20 to 60 ℃). 
          2, heat energy converter using 1.5 mm thick high quality stainless steel argon arc welding and become, rational structure, safe and reliable, large heat transfer area, high heat utilization efficiency; 
          Lighting system Side and two side wall at the top of the building to install lighting chy-tech, top side chy-tech 45 ° Angle of installation, is composed of 24 36 watts Philip tube, vertical installed inside a wall, indoor light more than 900 lux. 
          E-controlling system Adopt superior electronic components,main circuit has multi-protection.
          Function:Lighting switch,heating time setting,normal temperature painting,constant temperature painting,drying switch,emergency stop switch,cumulative time etc.
          Waste gas treatment Direct vent.
          Optional Environmental protection device