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          外型尺寸(mm) 內徑尺寸(mm) 大門尺寸(mm) 噴漆功率(kw) 烤漆總功率(kw) 電壓、頻率
          7000L*5200W*3370H 6900L*3900W*2650H 3000W*2600H 8.4Kw 30Kw 380V/50hz
          加熱方式 內嵌式紅外線烤燈加熱,配置10組烤燈,每組3支烤燈,功率為1.0KW,總功率委30KW;
          墻體材料 50mm厚EPS(泡沫)墻板,鐵皮厚度:0.376mm,插口型拼裝方式
          頂板 采用0.7厚鍍鋅板剪折而成,單層結構
          地臺 Basement四周圍板采用1.2mm厚鍍鋅板剪折焊制而成,中間承重托架采用40*80*1.5鍍鋅方管焊制而成,防腐耐用;地格柵為全熱鍍鋅鋼板格柵,兩排格柵,三排花紋板
          上車板 630mm寬上車板2件
          照明 采用LED節能照明,比普通燈管壽命更長更節能,房頂內側45度安裝,頂部8組x3支x16w
          送風機柜 采用節能風機2臺,功率4kw,采用西門子空調風機技術直接驅動,風量:24000m3/h,側上進風,有載風速:0.3m/s;換氣次數:260次/小時。鍍鋅管框架,外部用單層板封裝。
          排風機柜 排風柜內無風機,鍍鋅管框架,外部用單層板封裝
          電控系統 照明開關、噴漆開關,升溫噴漆、烤漆溫度、時間設定、緊急停止開關。國內知名品牌器件。
          空氣凈化 進風過濾棉為進口優質過濾棉,有效過濾大于10微米的灰塵;頂部高效過濾棉為荷蘭進口cc-600G頂部亞高效過濾棉,有效過濾大于5微米的灰塵。TPS值:≤1.4mg/m3
          排風筒標配 3節直管,1節彎管
          顏色可選 海藍,桔黃,緋紅,灰白
          Outer dimension:(mm) Inner dimension:(mm) Door dimension:(mm) Painting power(KW) Baking total power(kw) Voltage/Frequency
          7000L*4000W*4200H 6900L*3900W*2650H 3000W*2600H 8.4Kw 30Kw 380V/50hz
          Heating ways By infrared lamp,with 10 groups,each groups with 3pcs1.0kw lamp,totally:30kw
          Wall material 50mm EPS board,steel thickness:0.376mm,Socket type assembling.
          Roof board With 0.7mm zinc plated steel sheet,single layer.
          Basement All around with welded 1.2mm zinc plated steel sheet,Bearing bracket with welded 40×80×1.5 zinc plated tube,which can be antiseptic and durable.The ground grid is full of hot dip galvanized steel.Two rows of grid and three rows of diamond plate.
          Sloping panel Two pcs 630mm width slope
          Lighting With LED lamps,de energy saving and longer lifetime,With 45 degree installation at inner side of roof,8 groups at roof,each group:3×16w
          Inlet system With two pcs centrifugal blower,power 4kw,With SIEMENS air conditioner motor technology,direct drive,Air volume:24000m3/h,Rated air speed:0.3m/s;air changes:260times/h;zinc plated tube frame ,outer be sealed by single board.
          Exhaust system No motor in cabinet,zinc plated tube frame,outer be sealed by single board 
          Control system With lighting switch,painting switch,warm painting,baking temperature,time setting,urgent stop switch,All components with famous domestic brand.
          Air purification Inlet with high grade fiberglass filter,which filtered the dust larger than 10um ,roof with EU5 cc-600G filter.TSP value:≤1.4mg/m3.
          Discharged air treatment NO
          Ducts standard features 3 straight tube,1 elbow tube.
          Available colors Blue,Orange,red grey white