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          Main performance of products

          Ø The shear type hides the thin flat plate structure, which is convenient for tire dismantling and chassis maintenance.
          Ø The initial height is low (105、110), no need to dig trough the installation.
          Ø Italy imported hydraulic pump valve, high quality electrical components.
          Ø With a hydraulic interlock and explosion-proof valve insurance device, landing operation is stable and reliable, good synchronization, the board can be lifted to support the vehicle, suitable for more extended models.

          Low profile double scissor lift 
          型號 電源 氣源 功率 頂板長度 舉升重量 舉升高度
          Model Power supply Air supply Power Platform Length Lifting Capacity Lifting Height
          SMD30SLE 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH 6-8kg/cm² 2.2KW 1550-2118mm 3.0T 105-1900mm
          SMD35SLE 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH 6-8kg/cm² 2.2KW 1550-2118mm 3.5T 110-1900mm