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          由于90%以上的碰撞修復均為表面性修復,K8平臺系統的“精益設計”既能夠進行簡單的表面性維修,也能完成較為復雜困難的結構性維修,而其所需的時間則更短。 通過采用可移動輪式設計或地面嵌入齊平式設計,K8可以為您的鈑金車間節省更多空間。 維修量的增加意味著利潤的增加,因此,使用K8系統,您能夠很快獲得回報、收回投資。 



          - 可移動式設計(可選擇)及快速設置安裝
          - 測量及結構性損壞的診斷
          - 液壓及供氣裝置(快速聯結)居中設計
          - 傾斜及移動具備快速鎖定自動傾斜功能
          - 平臺覆蓋輕質合金踏板,適用于各種寬窄車輛 
          - 多功能合金踏板使維修工作更加方便;平臺及工作高度可以調節,便于對車頂區域進行維修。


          Universal set-up reduces time, cost and space

          The automatic tilt function and adjustable, removable, lightweight drive-on ramps allow quick and easy access to damaged areas, measuring and anchoring points and upper body areas

          Quick and efficient diagnosis of structural damage while the vehicle is supported on its wheels or in a clamped position

          Powerful 10 ton draw aligner  pulls from almost any angle, 360o around the vehicle

          Offers 3, 000kg (6,600 lbs.) lifitng capacity

          Integrated multi-function power unit keeps floor clear of hydraulic and air lines

          User-friendly hand control with all-in-one functions for automatic bench tilting, lifting, 10-ton pulling and hydraulic jacking

          Effective holding and clamping with no need for dedicated, vehicle specific fixtures when using the EVO 1, 2 & 3 holding and anchoring system

          Precise information with accurate, real-time measuring throughout the process when used with the Car-O-Tronic Vision Measuring System and Car-O-Data, the world's leading vehicle information database

          Flexible installation; fixed, mobile or pit mountings

          Meets a majority of OEM equipment requirements 

          Model K8
          Description Optimized platform for ltght cosmetic and beavy straightening repair with drve on capability and optional mobility
          Segment Cars and SUVs
          Pulling force per Draw Aligner 10 tons
          Platrorm length 4200 mm
          Total length with approach ramp 5480 mm
          Platform width 1110 mm
          Platform width with ramps attached Max 1910 mm
          Min 1000 mm
          Minimum height 480 mm
          Maximum height
          (Floor to top of platform)
          1480 mm
          Maximum length with Draw Aligner 5320 mm
          Maximum width with Draw Aligner 2230 mm
          Work Area size
          Draw Aligner on both sides
          3550 mm
          Lift Capacity
          (Maximum vehicle weight)
          3000 kg/6600 lbs
          Weight with lift,platform 755 kg/1661 lbs
          360°pulling capability Yes
          Mobite capability Yes(optional)
          In ground capability Yes
          Maximum height in ground 1000 mm
          Lift Capacity in ground
          (Maximum vehicle weight)
          3000 kg/6600 lbs
          Modular with measuring system Yes
          Modular with EVO system Yes
          Automatic tilt function  Yes
          Loading angle Bench 3.5°
          Driving ramps 12°
          Millde surface for measuring Yes
          Remote control/Energy supply Yes